Gangsta Granny
by David Walliams
Read by Robin Hine

Mr Stink, by 
David Walliams

Get comfortable and listen to this hilarious story read by Robin Hine from Wisbech Reads. A new chapter will be added each day.

Chapter 1: "Scratch 'N' Sniff"

Chapter 2: "Icy Silence"

Chapter 3: "The Wanderer"

Chapter 4: "Drivel"

Chapter 5: "Abandon Starbucks!"

Chapter 6: "Soap-Dodgers"

Chapter 7: "A Bucket in the Corner"

Chapter 8: "Maybe It's The Drains"

Chapter 9: "A Little Bit of Drool"

Chapter 10: "Slightly Chewed"

Chapter 11: "Hair Pulling"

Chapter 12: "Pongy Pong"

Chapter 13: "Shut Your Face!"

Chapter 14: "Lady and the Tramp"

Chapter 15: "Bath Time"

Chapter 16: "Rule Britannia"

Chapter 17: "Collapsed Bouffant"

Chapter 18: "Rabbit Droppings"

Chapter 19: "Supertramp"

Chapter 20: "Grubby Toilet Roll"

Chapter 21: "Wet Wipe"

Chapter 22: "Long Lion Days"

Chapter 23: "Plastic Snowman"

Chapter 24: "Yuckety Yuck Yuck"

Chapter 25: "Black Leather Mistletoe"

Chapter 26: "Little Star"